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Basic functions

Audio processor

Incorporates the audio processor Realtek 8763BFR compatible with Codecs AAC and SBC.

Virtual assistant

Compatible with leading virtual assistants like Alexa®, Siri® or Google®, with a simple touch on the handset.


The BNA1 provides protection IPX 5 Waterproof which makes it splash, sweat or rain resistant.

Charger case

Thanks to its charger base, the headphone battery can last up to 4 music reproduction hours and 12 standby hours.


Below you can check the specifications of our BNA1 Beat Sport. If you have any questions please write to us soporte@funkertech.com


- System: Android / iPhone


- Bluetooth: 5.0


- Talk time: 4h
- Music time: 4h
- Standby time: 12h

Weight and measurements

- Handset: 20,5x18x25,8mm, 4gr

- Charger box: 62x31x30,5mm, 25.8gr

Colors and Content

- Colors:

  •   Black
  •   White
- Content: Handset, charger box, replacement pads, charging cable and manual.