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Basic functions

Easy-to-use smartphone

Equipped with Android 10 operating system and a user-friendly menu

Large display and icons

The Funker E500i is equipped with a 5.5 ”IPS LCD screen, ideal for displaying the icons of the phone's applications and tools.

4G connectivity

Compatible with 4G networks, the Funker E500i allows a smooth navigation given by the user's operator.

Dual SIM

Possibility of using two SIM cards, from any operator in any mode, and a microSD slot of up to 64Gb.


Below you can check the specifications of our new E500i EASY SMART. If you have any questions please write to us at

Operating system

- Android 10: Adapted to simple use


- Inches: LCD IPS 5.5"


- Networks: 2G/3G/4G
- Dual Sim: Yes
- Bluetooth: Yes


- Capacity: 2400 mAH


- Camera: 8 Megapixel rear; 4 Megapixel front
- Internal memory: RAM 1Gb, ROM 16Gb
- MicroSD card: Yes
- Conector Jack 3.5mm
- Radio FM: Yes
- Flashlight: Yes


- Dimensions: 155x72x10mm
- Weight: 114 gr.

Colors and Content

- Colors:

  •   Black:  EAN   8437015560793
- Content: Mobile phone, charger base, charger and USB cable.