What should I do when inserting or removing the operator card (SIM)?

1) Turn off your device
2) Insert or remove your SIM card (Note in putting the card in the position indicated by the portasim)
3) Restart your device
Note: Do not insert or remove your SIM card while your mobile phone is on. Otherwise, it could damage the SIM card.

Use of battery and charger

Be sure to put the battery correctly in the mobile by connecting the pins of the battery with those of the phone and not to force the charger when connecting it so that no breakage occurs.
If the battery is very discharged, leave the phone charging for several minutes until it has enough battery power and can turn on.

Use of memory card (microSD)

Be sure to mount the card properly by matching the pins on the card with the ones on the phone, if it still does not work try formatting the card.
- Go to Settings > Storage > SD Card and touch Format, or formatting from your computer.

Set quick dial memories

To set the speed dial memories we enter menu, settings, speed dial, choose m1-m2 or 2-9 and change the status from off to on.
Next, enter settings and modify and add the numbers in the desired order.

My phone does not charge or turn on

If the phone does not turn on, charge it for the necessary time until the display shows the charge indication.
- If after 60 minutes the phone still does not turn on, it will be necessary to check it in our Technical Service.

My phone does not find operator coverage

Turn off the terminal, remove the SIM, re-enter the SIM and turn on the terminal again. Wait a few seconds and try to make a call to verify if you have coverage.
Note: If you have recently made a SIM or operator change, confirm if it is operational.

The volume in conversation is low

While on call, press the volume "+" or "-" side keys, and in case you do not have side keys, press the up arrow or down arrow key on the menu buttons.

What to do if my phone does not work

In case of failure or malfunction of your FUNKER device, the best option is to go to the establishment or website where it was purchased, to make sure that said failure is a problem of the terminal itself.If you can not do it, process the guarantee or after-sales from the FUNKER website; Click here to go to this section.
Make sure that the fault or problem is a failure of the device, since otherwise, will generate shipping costs that must be borne by the user (9€).